Monadenium 003

  1. Monadenium 003
And Would You? Vladimir Mayakovsky An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / Fifth A-Chronology 1920-2007
Black Corpuscle Electric Sewer Age Bad White Corpuscle
The Calm Before Experimental Audio Research Beyond the Pale
Sublimation Lustmord Carbon Core
Even the Good Times Are Bad Nocturnal Emissions Duty Experiment
Cosmodromo Esplendor Geométrico Control Remoto 1.0
Dreammachine Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth: The Live Sound of TG
Death Is The Beginning Steel (V.A.) In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze
Marx +N EX.S
Music that Lifts Up Our Savior Jesus Christ Consolidated The Myth of Rock
Seele Brennt Einstürzende Neubauten Halber Mensch
Hugging the Earth Tuxedomoon Holy Wars
RenType Gerald Wenzel La Feria
Babylero Coil Horse Rotor Vator
Labyrinthe François Bayle Camera Oscura-Espaces Inhabitables

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